Hacktober­fest® with QMK!

In addition to participating in Hacktoberfest, QMK is also celebrating its 4 year anniversary[1] this month and giving away a QMK-specific Hacktoberfest t-shirt to anyone that meets one of these requirements during the month of October.

How to qualify for a QMK t-shirt:

A bonus first-time open source contributor reward: if this is your first time submitting a PR to an open source project, mention @c-keys in your PR comments for a chance to win a theDora QMK explorer keyboard from cKeys (USA only - sorry!).

Check to see how you're doing:

Interaction Total
Contributing Comments
Documentation PRs
Translation PRs

Once you have donated or completed the requirements, click the link below to fill out the form! Feel free to submit even if the tool above doesn't recognise your contributions - we'll be validating all of the entries at the end of the month.

Hacktoberfest's quality standards for opening pull requests should apply to the actions mentioned above:

In line with Hacktoberfest value #2 (Quantity is fun, quality is key), here are examples of the PRs that we consider to be low-quality contributions (which we discourage).

Claim your QMK t-shirt

Be sure to check out all the details on Hacktoberfest, how you can find an event near you, and claim your reward offered by DigitalOcean and DEV.

This QMK giveaway is graciously sponsored by the following vendors:

Interested in sponsoring a dollar amount per shirt claimed? Reach out to us!


What is QMK?

QMK is an open source software project that spans from the embedded firmware that runs on your keyboard to tools that help you compile it, and the software that helps put it on the device. Practically they're split into the firmware, the configurator, and the toolbox, and a several other repos. It started as Jack's personal fork of Hasu's TMK Keyboard Firmware with some small improvements simplifying the keymap, that's grown into the community-based project that it is today, run by a small team of collaborators.

Who can participate?

Anyone, worldwide, with a Github account!

How do I make comments on a PR?

You can contribute to a conversation on a pull request by making a comment on the PR itself, or specific lines of code. Github has more details on this in the docs. You can also tag people by their usernames with @, and insert code blocks for examples here as well.

How do I review a PR?

Github allows anyone to review pull requests by making comments, suggesting changes, or generally approving the PR. There are more details on how each of these are done in Github's help docs.

I want to contribute, but I think I'm stuck

Fear not! We have a very active Discord that you can hop in to ask for help, help others, or just chat about keyboards!

How should I translate things?

Please have some technical knowledge of the language, and don't use Google translate. All PRs will be subject to review by native speakers if we can find them! Check out the page on how to add translations to the QMK docs. Some good pages to start with are the main readme, the newbs guide, the configurator, and the qmk.fm website.

Will I get this shirt instead of the regular Hacktoberfest shirt?

This giveaway is totally separate from DigitalOcean and DEV - you'll need to qualify and fill out the form for each giveaway. Please note they have different qualifications.

When will I get the shirt?

We'll be validating all of the entries in early November, then ordering the shirts, and shipping them out in November/December - when filling out the form, please account for this, and transit time based on your location. Shirts will be shipped from Indiana, USA.